Top of the hill

January 12th, 2017
Top of the hill
It doesn’t take a global cheese competition for us to know that South Australia is home to some of the worlds best cheeses, but when one local cheese beats 3,000 other cheeses to take out a Super Gold Medal it’s certainly worth boasting about.

Now in its 29th year, the World Cheese Awards is the largest international cheese competition on the planet.

Held in Europe’s culture capital, San Sebastian, the World Cheese Competition saw 3,021 cheeses from over thirty countries judged by 266 international cheese experts.

Our own Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights dominated the prestigious competition winning a total of eight awards, including four gold medals, two silver medals, trophy for Best Australian cheese and the exclusive Super Gold medal.

The Super Gold award, which is the crème de la crème of the competition, was awarded to Kris’s latest creation Anthill – a soft goats cheese encrusted with native green ants.

Kris said the inspiration behind Anthill was Australia and our incredible native flavors.

"There's only one green ant cheese in the world and its a true representation of Australia and our unique native ingredients,” Kris said.

“Anthill is made from South Australian goats milks and lemon myrtle from the Adelaide Hills, which together creates a beautiful creamy and refreshing cheese with a delicious citrus tang.”

But according to Kris, it’s the delicate yet crunchy green ants that give the cheese an unusual slight sweetness.

The ants are harvested in Darwin and delivered to the Woodside site alive, before they are frozen and used in the cheese.

Kris not only made her mark on the winners podium at this year's World Cheese Awards but also on the judging panel.

Kris was a team leader of one of the judging panels who were responsible for judging 80 out of the 3,021 cheeses participating in the competition.

“Being the only Australian invited to judge was an honor because not only did I get to judge the world’s best cheeses, but I also got to represent Australia in the process,” Kris said.

The judges worked in teams of four, identifying any cheeses worthy of a bronze, silver or gold award. They look at the rind and the body of the cheese, its colour, texture, consistency and, above all, it’s taste.

“We were all there for our common love of cheese and it was incredible to work with like minded cheese creators.”

With a philosophy to never set boundaries, it’s easy to see why Kris’s cheeses are more like works of edible art – both on they eye and palate – than just great cheeses.

“I like to do things a little differently and I’m not afraid to push the boundaries to create something magical,” Kris said.

“Cheese is such an exciting food because the flavor combinations are endless and not to mention it’s absolutely delicious.”

“The only limitation to cheese making if your imagination.”

As a South Australian Premium Food and Wine ambassador, Kris is also incredibly passionate about promoting our local produce to the world.

"I don’t think people globally know much about Australian cheeses, but that’s the thing we are home to some incredible cheeses,” Kris said.

"South Australia is blessed with an amazing array of fresh and raw produce. It's important for me as a South Australian food ambassador to take Australian food to the world."

The world-first Anthill cheese is available at the Woodside Cheese Wrights cellar door in Woodside.

For more information phone 8389 7877, or visit

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