Mucking about

March 02nd, 2017
Mucking about
From “mucking around” in Oakbank Area School’s music room to rocking stages all over Adelaide, the Hills trio who make up rising indie band Tympano have come a long way.

Kym Saywell of Littlehampton and Sid Paech of Hahndorf were drawn together by a mutual friend from their school years, Balhannah resident Bradley Wanke, to form the band in February last year.

They’ve had a jam-packed 12 months with regular shows and an appearance alongside The Veronicas at Langhorne Creek’s Handpicked festival, but the highlight has undoubtedly been releasing their debut EP.

Guilty Pleasures was recorded at the Hahndorf studios of producer Hugh Atkinson and according to lead vocalist and bass player Kim has been the band members’ “baby”.

“It's the most enjoyable experience but then pretty time-consuming as well – in a good way,” he said of creating the EP, which was released on February 5.

“You’re trying to make it fulfil what you’re imagining in your head and make sure everyone’s happy with the end result.

“We’re proud of all the songs and the artwork and general theme came together a lot like we’d hoped – it’s pretty much how we all pictured it.”

Over six tracks, Guilty Pleasures dips into genres ranging from electronic to indie rock to punk and touches on a mix of fun and more sombre themes.

“We’re just showing what we can do as a band and experimenting,” Kym said.

“Because we’re so young we’re still trying to find our sound – it’s hard to know for sure what direction we're fully going in.

“The last song on the EP, Take You to The Start, is about my dad being away when I was a kid.

“I was trying to put that into song form, really trying to get him to understand, so that’s bit of a special one about something that’s close to my heart.

“But then we have a song about a party – that has a totally different feel.”

Tympano is not drummer Bradley and lead guitarist Syd’s first band. The pair formed one together after meeting in their primary school years and bonding over a shared enthusiasm for music.

“We were very young and it didn’t last long but at the time we were pretty keen,” Bradley said.

“Then Kym and I became great friends when he moved to Oakbank Area School.

“We played through middle school, just jamming when we could and using the music room at lunch and recess.

“We kept it up and ended up just messing around for a few years after we finished school.”

Bradley and Kim travelled around Europe together at the end of 2015 and on their return, officially formed the band with Syd.

They believe their own diverse music tastes and unrelenting musical curiosity are behind Tympano’s unique sound.

“We don’t write for a genre,” Bradley said.

“We don’t aim for anything but we all have different interests and likes and because of that we’re really open-minded with what we write.

“Kym’s more of the acoustic, John Butler Trio, Sticky Fingers kind of guy and then you have Sid who loves punk rock and metal.

“I’ve got a little bit of each – I’ll swing from Chet Faker to metal depending on how I’m feeling.

“Anything that’s got a good amount of soul to it, I’ll probably like.”

Writing their songs is a “massive group effort” that usually takes place at Kym’s house in Balhannah.

“We usually start with a chorus, or some kind of bass or accoustic riff and rhythm that Kym will normally write,” Bradley said.

“He’s the man in terms of song themes and lyrics.

“All three of us will get in there and mess around with the structure until we get something we’re happy with.

“Sid usually brings his guitar and plays some funky riffs and then I finalise the lyrics with him.”

The intensity was stepped up in August when they started recording for Guilty Pleasures.

“We’d spent hours upon hours just sitting in the studio, working on a song and making sure it was perfect,” Bradley said.

“With our last two singles in particular, we really wanted to get them to a pro standard and we worked as hard as possible to do that.

“We were finalising artwork and taking care of all the finishing touches right up until the release date.”

Giving themselves little time to rest, the band has already started preparing for their next steps: creating a music video and holding an EP release show and tour.

“We want to get a good lineup with some bands that we’ve already made good friends with and then go off on tour,” Bradley said.

“We’re looking to get hold of venues throughout the East Coast – live shows are the most fun and the most rewarding.

“We just want to push the EP as far as we can while having a lot of fun with it as well.”

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