Mad Hatters

March 23rd, 2017
Mad Hatters
It’s time to reach down the rabbit hole for your craziest hats as the Mylor Red Cross hosts its first Mad Hatters Tea Party on Sunday, March 26.

The event, hosted at Springvale, Mylor, is a chance for everyone to show off their wacky headgear or get into the spirit of Alice in Wonderland, all to support Red Cross’s domestic and international humanitarian efforts.

Event coordinator Paul Howe said the idea had come about at the suggestion of one of the Mylor members, who had wanted to add a bit of costumed flair to the group’s annual fundraising events.

“We host around half a dozen events every year to try and raise funds, but we had a member, Mel, who said to us ‘why not have a dress up and get everyone into costume,’” he said.

“It really all went from there, and we’re really getting into theme with a proper garden tea party, and I know Mel is going all out with a range of decorations and little figures all around.

“She owns a costume shop herself, so she’s been really good with dress ups and I think there will be a lot of surprises on the day for everyone who comes along.”

Mel’s mother Margaret Fidock is the longest serving member of Red Cross Mylor and is hopeful that the tea party will draw out a range of locals.

“I think something like this is just good for the community, it gets everyone together,” she said.

“On top of that, it’s a great way to make money for what I think is a great organisation which is really a good all round help for so many people.”

The members involved have said that while the event is a chance for all visitors to show off their craziest hats and other assorted costumes in Alice in Wonderland theme, the real aim is to raise revenue for the Red Cross.

Paul Howe said the humanitarian organisation had always appealed to him and many other members because of the breadth of their support, as well as the way the charity handled overheads.

“The good thing to me is that the overheads of the Red Cross is only around 2 per cent every year, and that’s why I and so many other members are committed to supporting the organisation,” he said.

“We all see an event like this as a great way to raise funds to support humanitarian causes around the world, whether it’s an international effort or something closer to home, depending on who is most in need of support.

“An event like this is a fun way for us to support that goal and do something a little different.”

While some Red Cross members have already finished off their hats and begun displaying them ahead of the party, Paul said he hoped to keep his own headwear a surprise until the day.

“I think it’s good to have a bit of a surprise factor,” he said.

“What I will say is that I’m definitely going for that mad hatter idea, and my wife is thinking more along the lines of someone late for an important date.”

Margaret, meanwhile, has yet to make up her mind on exactly how she’ll be involved on the day.

“I’m thinking I’ll go with a mad hat myself, but I’m not quite sure,” she said.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party will be held at Springvale, Mylor from 2-4pm on Sunday, March 26.

The high tea has limited numbers, with admission by pre-purchased tickets costing $15.

For more information or to book tickets, visit the Mylor General Store or contact Paul Howe on 8388 5281.

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