Love Lobethal

April 13th, 2017
Love Lobethal
Returning to the Hills after 22 years away, Adam Weinert is proud to call Lobethal home.
Adam served in the army but returned last year to work in his family’s business.

In the lead up to the town’s 175th anniversary of foundation on May 7, he has been busy planning the day’s celebrations.

Adam is seeking descendants of the original 18 pioneer families who migrated from Prussia and settled in Lobethal in 1842 and hopes to have as many descendants present on the day as possible.

“There’s quite a few people that still live in the town who are direct descendants but a couple of families have moved away and we don’t have direct contact,” he said.

“It would be great to have a representative from each of the pioneer families on the day.”

A descendant himself, Adam’s family has run a bulk fuel delivering service in Lobethal for over 70 years.

“My grandfather returned from World War II and bought a truck to deliver milk,” he said.

“Very quickly a lot of families said, ‘can you pick up some oil or fuel for me?’ and that overtook the milk deliveries.

“We’ve run a bulk fuel delivering business since 1947 and I’m the third generation to take part in that.

“I love the close sense of community in Lobethal and being able to walk down the street and have people say hello.”

The May 7 celebrations will include an official opening, church service at 10am and community lunch at centennial hall provided by the community for the community.

As part of South Australia’s History Festival, the town’s museums and historical displays will be open in the afternoon and older residents will hold talks about what life was like in the past.

“We want to acknowledge the contribution of the town to South Australia, both economically and culturally,” Adam said.

“The Germans had a big impact on how the region developed and many of its traditions and businesses.”

“It’s about acknowledging the pioneers and the journey the town has taken.

“We’re celebrating not just the history of Lobethal but also the history of migrants to this state in the mid 1840s.”

The celebrations’ motto is ‘A Journey of Faith to a Valley of Praise’.

The pioneer families left Germany under heavy persecution and migrated to Australia to be free to practice their religion.

Lobethal was named by Pastor Fritzsche and comes from a passage in the German bible which relates to Praise Valley.

Pastor David Preuss from Lobethal Lutheran Church will hold a special church service and unveil a memorial stone to commemorate the pioneer families.

Pastor David has lived in Lobethal for eight years and loves how his work connects him with the community.

“I’m a people person – I love interacting and learning all about people and their vocations,” he said.

“I am dealing with them on a much deeper level than most people would have the privilege to.”

Pastor David encourages all Hills residents to come along to the anniversary.

“It’s like a back to Lobethal day where people from the past can connect and celebrate

More information about the celebrations will be announced shortly.

If you or someone you know is a descendant of the pioneer families email Adam at to get involved.

For the full list of pioneer family names visit the ‘Lobethal 175th Anniversary of Foundation’ Facebook page.

The Lobethal 175th anniversary of foundation celebrations will be held on Sunday May 7, from 10am-5pm at the Lutheran Church, 48 Main Street, Lobethal.

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