Mmm Donuts

August 31st, 2017
Mmm Donuts
by Amy Park
The Mount Barker Rotary Club is getting the cinnamon sugar ready for their main fundraiser of the year: selling donuts at the Royal Adelaide Show.

With over 80 shifts for volunteers across the 10 day event, president of the club Peter Baur explained that preparation for the show starts early.

“It takes a lot of work to prepare the batter and organise volunteers to cover all of the shifts so we are already planning for the show,” Peter said. “It can be long days for our volunteers who start at 8am and sometimes don’t leave the showgrounds until 11pm.

“Mount Barker Rotary has about 30 members so we often take on several shifts each.”

And while the event takes a lot of work Peter emphasised that the funds raised will go to a good cause.

“Our members get a lot of satisfaction from volunteering and knowing that their efforts will support Operation Flinders,” Peter said.

“Operational Flinders identifies youth at risk and sends 14-18year old students to the Flinders Ranges for eight days.

“The students do outdoor challenges to develop their attitude and self-esteem and learn teamwork and responsibility so they can grow as valued members of the community.

“Our Rotary club partners with the local Lions club to fund two teams of 10 students from Mount Barker High School, Cornerstone College and St Francis de Sales College.

“And our members receive letters and feedback from the students about what their experience was like or what they learnt.

“We’ve been selling donuts at the show for about 15 years and we’ve made some valuable contributions to Operation Flinders in this time.”

Royal Adelaide Show Marketing Manager Kirrilee Hay said that the Rotary club’s donut van is always popular at the show.

“Show-goers love their hot fresh donuts,” Kirralee said.

“They are especially popular on those cooler evenings just as the main arena action starts.

“Families in particular grab a bag or two to share whilst they watch the action and fireworks.

“The Mount Barker Rotary club van is an icon – their product is popular and it is a good fit next to the coffee van.”

Peter said that the Mount Barker Rotary Club is also currently looking at community grant applications they have received.

“Our community grants project has been very popular again this year,” Peter said.

“This is our third round of running this project and we’re very pleased to have been able to do something for all of the groups who have put in a submission.

“Community groups are asked to put in a submission for a grant they require.

“We can’t always give them the full amount but generally we can help in some way.”

As well as assisting the community at a local level, the Mount Barker Rotary Club extend their goodwill to overseas projects.

“We work with the Zonta Club in Mount Barker in assembling birthing kits for women in developing countries,” Peter said.

“And our Helping Hand project was about funding basic prosthetic limbs for people in developing countries and we’ve received some really positive feedback from that, in letters or stories about how people’s lives have been changed.”

And Peter has his own ideas for a community project that he hopes to push in the future.

“I’d like to see electronic signage replace environmentally damaging and eye-sore temporary corflutes,” Peter said.

“We see these temporary signs put up by community groups or businesses advertising something.

“The are a lot of work to put up and take down, generally they can’t be used again and they’re expensive.

“I think electronic signage is a more user-friendly and affordable option.”

With lots of projects on the go, Peter said the club is constantly diversifying their membership base.

“Obviously Rotary clubs were traditionally men’s clubs but we’re seeing more and more women join now,” Peter said.

“And we’re seeing some younger members get involved with our weekly meetings.

“Our members get a lot of satisfaction out of volunteering and contributing to their community, as well as having that social aspect of meeting like-minded people.”

The Mount Barker Rotary Club meet on a Monday evening from 6.15pm at the Mount Barker/Hahndorf Golf Club.

For more information visit and be sure to pick up a few donuts from the Rotary van near the main grandstand at the Royal Adelaide Show from September 1-10.

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