Classic Rides

October 26th, 2017
Classic Rides
A range of classic motorcycles, from collectible Japanese models to “leaky British bikes” will be on display at the first ever Macclesfield Classic Bike Show, to be held on Sunday, November 5.

The event has been organised with the aim of giving bike lovers and owners both in the city and across the Hills a “really good excuse” to get their bikes out of the shed and go for a ride.

That’s according to event organiser and President of the Battunga Country Lions Club Fred Keal, who also has more than a passing interest in bikes himself.

“I used to go to quite a few classic bike shows in England, and I own one as well, so of course it seemed like a good idea,” he said.

“I just thought Macclesfield would be a good setting for a great English style day out – it’s beautiful countryside and it’ll make for an enjoyable ride.

“We really wanted to create a great flagship event for people to come and enjoy the town, because it’s really not as far out of the city as most people think.”

The Classic Bike Show is set to replace GravFest as the main Lions event in Macclesfield, which Fred said was aimed at creating a more low key event which was still enjoyable for everyone who visits.

With that in mind, a number of local clubs have come together to cater for the event, with the cricket club serving drinks, the tennis club on desserts and Lions doing a sausage sizzle.
A swap meet will also take place on the same day.

While the focus is on classic bikes, which are at least 30 years old, the event is intended to cater for all kinds of motorbike lovers, and Fred said that practically everything would be welcomed.

“While we’ll have the oval set aside for the classic bikes to be parked, people are still welcome to enjoy the ride up to Macclesfield with something a bit newer and show it off nearby,” he said.

“We’re not saying it just has to be your Harleys either, all nationalities of bike are welcome – although I think people can expect a lot of the leaky British bikes on the day.”

“They don’t even need to be fully restored – sometimes those barn finds can be just as interesting to see.”

Already the event has piqued the interest of a number of motorcycle clubs across Adelaide, and Fred said he’d heard from plenty of enthusiasts who are “mad keen”.

At the top of that enthusiast list is Macclesfield local Graeme Roberts, who is already excited for a local event where he can stand around and talk motorbikes all day.

A veteran of classic bike meets, he owns three bikes from 1973, 63 and the 50s, and is well prepared to show them all off on the day.

“It should be a really good event, and it seems like there’s quite a few people who have heard about it and are interested.

“It’ll be a great day with a bunch of yackety yack about nuts and bolts, mudguards and all things bike related.”

Of course, Graeme acknowledges that not everyone will be as interested as he is in all the intimate details of each classic bike – he’s made the mistake of trying to bring partners in on that yackety yack in the past.

However, he still hopes that the event will prove a fun day for families as well to learn a bit of biking history.

“I’d like to think that some of the boys and girls might be just as interested in learning what their grandfathers used to ride back in the day.”

That sentiment is shared by organiser Fred Keale, who admits that the day will be “pretty bike oriented,” but hopes that the event will be a good way to bring the community out to enjoy Macclesfield.

“Come out for the day, look at a bunch of shiny motorcyles and enjoy an icecream while you’re there,” he said.

The first Classic Bike Show will run from 10am-4pm on Sunday, November 5.

Entry will cost $5, with all proceeds going towards the Williams Syndrome Association. For more information visit

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