Have A Fling

December 14th, 2017
Have A Fling
If you’ve been past the Woodhouse Activity Centre lately, you might have noticed a new sight – a disc or two flying through the air, bouncing off trees, or landing in a net.

It’s all part of the new frisbee golf course which has been set up in the Hills over the last month, the only course of its kind in the Adelaide area.

Much like traditional golf, the aim is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws, with players aiming to sink a frisbee into a net 100-200 metres away.

But Woodhouse Business Development Manager Emily Cordell said unlike traditional golf, the frisbee variant would prove fun for anyone.

“I made sure to get out and have a go myself, and everyone else here is also really excited by it,” she said.

“I think part of it is that throwing a frisbee around is just a lot more fun, and it opens up the appeal to everyone.

“We wanted to find an activity that any visitor to the centre could enjoy, whether they’re a group of a children or adults – and something like this just seemed like a lot of fun.”

Emily also admits that being able to claim they were the only frisbee golf course in Adelaide was also part of the drive to provide the activity at Woodhouse.

“That was definitely another part of the appeal for us, because it means we’re able to provide a unique opportunity for visitors – something Woodhouse is all about,” she said.

While the Woodhouse frisbee golf course might be the first to be opened in Adelaide, Emily hopes that others will start to appear in the area as the appeal catches on.

That sentiment is shared by the South Australian Frisbee Golf Association, who have welcomed the opening of a course close to Adelaide.

On Sunday, members of the association played their first game on the field, marking their first opportunity to play on a permanent course, instead of setting up temporary nets.

President of the association Todd Brooks had a sneak peek of the course earlier this month as part of its christening, and said that he was he was keen to see others get an introduction to the sport.

“It’s an excellent course, and of course we’re happy to have something permanent – any time baskets go into the ground we’re happy,” he said.

“The course as a whole is a bit shorter than what some of us are used to, but I think that provides a good introduction to the sport so people can get a feel for it.

“We definitely want to see the sport grow, and something like this really gives it a chance to shine.”
Todd, originally from the US, first started playing frisbee golf in his home state of Colorado five years ago.

While he’s kept the sport alive since moving to Adelaide, he admitted it had yet to catch on in South Australia in a big way.

He’s hopeful that through the accessibility of the new Woodhouse course, that can change, as others get an opportunity to experience the sport.

“I think it’s great for anyone who likes throwing a frisbee, it’s easy to play and just a fun social sport to do with friends,” he said.

“But then like traditional golf, it’s something that you can spend a lot of time mastering, trying out different throws and perfecting your technique.

“It retains your interest indefinitely.”

The new course at Woodside is aimed at catering for both those who simply want to give the sport a casual try and those who want a more challenging experience.

The course is set up to provide an easier experience than what is typical of frisbee golf, but visitors are able to move each net around to make things as challenging as they’d like.

Woodhouse Activity Centre is currently providing access to the course as part of its accommodation package.

Day visitors also able to access the course and the rest of the Woodhouse grounds via a $10 fee for children and $15 for adults.

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