Be A Builder

May 16th, 2019
Be A Builder
Mount Barker Toyworld is hosting their first ever Brick Head Master competition.

Contestants have the chance to enter their own unique Lego creations to the Mount Barker Toyworld Brick Head Masters Facebook event page by May 18.

Creations must be original, unique designs to qualify for the final on May 25.

Toyworld owner Julia Campbell says the Brick Head Master competition can show children what imagination and creativity can do when they put their minds to it.

Julia believes that the perception with Lego kits now is that they tend to be so themed that individual creativity has been blown out the window.

“The whole idea is to show what can come from the kid’s imaginations when they build with Lego,” she said.

“We’re only limited by our own creativity and imagination.”

Four finalists will be chosen from the entries posted on the event page online or from the in-store entries.

The finalists will then be given a 790-piece Lego Classic box to build from in the final on May, 25 where they will have 10 to 15 minutes of ‘thinking time’ to plan their build in the final Brick-Off competition.

Julia says there have already been 10 children enter their creations so far and she wants to see more kids get involved.

“I would love if more children got involved, there are people entering on the Facebook page and from in-store,” she said.

“Ultimately, the winner will get bragging rights about it to their friends about winning, and we’re making a Lego themed trophy too.”

Eight-year-old Levi Walker is one of the contestants vying for the title of Brick Head Master and the trophy with his dinosaur inspired creation.

Levi says he prefers to make his own mind up when he builds rather than stick to the instruction manual.

“I’m going to be building my creation from Jurassic World,” he said.

Julia says the competition aims to bring playtime back to basics to keep children using their imaginations and away from screens.

“The whole idea is about trying to change what children use as toys, it gets harder to do that once they get older and screens become a part of their life,” she said.

Julia says when she was younger traditional toys like Lego and other games were her go-to toys to have fun with.

She says children these days get so bored that they will just switch on the television and sit there watching rather than doing something creative with their time.

“I think what my store is doing is bringing back the real, proper toys that kids used to play with and give them the fun without the screens.”

Children can enter for the competition by uploading their creations to the Brick Head Masters at Mount Barker Toyworld Facebook event page or in-store.

For more information call Julia Campbell on 08 8391 2411.

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